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Meeting Minutes January 4, 2012
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GSDCGR Meeting January 4, 2012


Bill Pfeiffer, Diana Hauser, Jeremy Hohman, Sarah Bridges, Peter Lunding, Deeda Ducan, Bob Sopko, Ellen Ransom, William Jones

Peter gave us a thorough list of the NC laws on the books, “Dog laws 101” (His had out is attached as a pdf file)

We discussed that less than 1% of the HSUS budget goes to sheltering dogs, the majority of their budget goes to lobbying and salaries of the board members.

Peter pointed out that we already have plenty of laws on the books to protect animals in NC.   The new laws introduced in 2011 are inferior to what we had already in place. They are trying to make it go thru administrative Law rather than through a normal judge. 

Potentially good Legislation is the Spay/Neuter advisory board and fund, it has passed the NC house and needs to go thru the NC Senate. Bad additions could get tagged on to it.

Breeder’s Licensing Laws can be problems, like the definition of “Cruelty to Animals”  Definitions are overbroad and vague, subject to interpretation.  Regulations are unduly burdensome, interfering with basic liberties to own animals.  NC has laws criminalizing animal negligence and cruelty.  To enforce proposed new laws the state needs new enforcement officials and there is no funding for that. 

PUPS legislation (Senate Bill 707 (S.707) and House Bill 835 (H.R. 835) would create a new category of breeder.  In this proposed bill, home/hobby breeders would be required to follow USDA rules and regulations if they meet the high Volume Retail Breeder definite.  A key concern is that once legislation becomes law, HSUS and others will lobby to make the high volume number be lowered to sweep more people under the federal law. PUPS currently states 50 dogs sold in 1 year is high volume. Co-ownerships would cause an individual’s count to possibly increase.

NC Federation of Dog Clubs spends $36,000 yearly to lobby at the State Legislature to keep our position well represented.  This is money is well spent for us as dog owners.  Peter will be taking over as president of NC Federation of Dog Clubs this month. 

President Bill P sends info to an extended group of dog people to get more effective  lobbying of their legislators and he encourages each of us to do the same through our networks of people.

AKC government Relations Group is holding a conference last weekend in January to teach more about these upcoming state & federal legislations.

There’s a petition to get the Federal Government to look into HSUS for being in violation of 501C3 for lobbying. Bill P will send links so you can sign the petition online.

Ellen Ransom is still recording secretary.  Marty Stuhmer is our corresponding secretary. She has a broken right foot and can’t drive to the meetings.  Sarah offered to give her a ride next time.  Sarah Bridges stepped up as treasurer. Remember, 2012 dues are due.   

Deeda and Diana have ideas for the raffle for the show.  Maybe do a large ticket item (TV, Grill, dog crate filled with accessories) and sell raffle tickets for chances to win it.  Bill can approach Tarheel show officials to work out approval details. 

Do we want to do something special (trophy) for best of breed and other big wins for our show?  Dates for our show are March 23-24, 2012.  Moss Bow (superintendent of  shows, MB-F) is including our show info in their information packets.  William Jones is our Chief Steward.  We’d like to set up a few 10x10 tents at the all outdoor show in case of rain for the judge, stewards, etc. Show Premium is attached as a pdf file.

Marty has been upgrading our club web site, so take a look at it.  Also, we’d like to restore the lite refreshments at meetings, we just need someone to manage the commitment roster/dates. 

Brags: Sarah’s Bridges’Gracie is halfway to championship, Bill’s dog completed her Grand Championship  and more importantly his grandson, Billy Casterlin, received a full appointment to the USMA West Point.  Diana reported that 245 dogs were rescued by SEGSD Rescue last year.  They now have 50 approved foster homes.  Diana was asked to talk to the club at the next meeting about GSD rescue.

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